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The video version of the complete guide to your Miami Beach vacation and visit to SoBe, & NoBe, found at all fine hotels retail locations in Miami South Beach.


Miami Beach South Beach Bars Nightclubs Booze

Straight nightclubs and bars:

Clevelander-    1020 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139

Ted's Hideaway Tavern   Collins Avenue on 3rd Street, Miami Beach FL 33139

Dewey's-Tavern-        852 Alton Road, Miami Beach FL 33139

Liquor Lounge-   Collins avenue at 16 Street
across from Loews Hotel, Miami Beach FL 33139

Mangos-     900 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139

Gay nightclubs and bars:

Score-  727 Lincoln Rd. Miami beach, FL 33139


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