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Opinions here are opinions By M Johnson

Ride Along Marketing Professionals Ronald Halpern and Samantha Boyd

If you are from Miami or Miami Beach and received SPAM Email with the title:

tired of high merchant fees? get paid tomorrow, not 48 hours and having email addresses: or

The owner's details:

Ronald Halpern
Cell (786) 419-0580


Possible addresses:

2150 Bay Dr Miami Beach, FL 33141

MIAMI FL 33137


Anyone wanting to join my lawsuit against these spammers please contact me.

I am over having someone illegally harvest my email address from websites then sell them for a profit to another company telling they are opt in addresses.

That is what these people do. Then they demand you opt out to not get spammed! I looked up these clowns and here is what I found...

Read More from Rip-off Report click:

More from Scam Informer

This Business is not BBB Accredited

Ride Along Marketing Professionals, LLC

Phone: (786) 454-7288Fax: (888) 864-3404View Additional Phone Numbers 1185 98 St., Suite #7, Bay Harbor IslandsFL 33154


Typical report:

My name is Tom and I am an insurance agent in Oregon. I am compelled to report my experiences with RAMP-LLC, in hopes of minimizing the chances of someone else falling prey to this company.

In Oct. 2011, I was contacted by RAMP-LLC. I then spoke with the sales rep. Adam Ross. We discussed their lead program in detail. Adam went as far as sending an invoice stating the companies guarantees and credit policy. This process went on for approx. 2 1/2 weeks. During this time, I spoke with Stephanie Boyd and Ron Stevens who are the owners of RAMP-LLC. They also confirmed everything that was told to me by Adam Ross.

In mid-Nov. 2011, I purchased Life and LTC leads from RAMP-LLC. The leads were absolute garbage. Now keep in mind that RAMP-LLC niche is qualified leads through the lead generating process of sending reply slips out with bank statements. They also guarantee that the lead will not be older than 15 days and every lead must request that an agent call them in order to be a qualified lead under RAMP-LLC standards.

My leads included; fax numbers, disconnected numbers, numbers on the federal DNC list, upset people who were adamant that they did not fill-out a reply card or request that an agent call them. Most leads did not meet the minimum net worth or minimum household income criteria that RAMP-LLC claims qualified a lead to be sold to their clients. Bottom-line; none of the leads that I was able to contact was a qualified lead under the standards that Adam Ross stated during his discussions with me and as stated on their website.

I made over 30 attempts to contact these 3 individuals and they would not take my call nor would they return my calls. I also tried emailing them and they would not respond. In fact, 4 hours ago, I called Adam Ross. He answered in a confused voice (I could tell by the way he answered the phone). I said; Adam, is this Adam. He replied with hesitation, yes- who is this? I immediately said "Adam this is Tom from Oregon. He hesitated for approx. 5 seconds and said "I don't know a Adam from Oregon". I replied; Adam this is Tom and I got a problem with the leads that you sold me!" He then said, "this is not Adam, my name is Paul and you got the wrong number". He then hung up.

I spoke with Adam enough times to be able to recognize his voice. Adam, you need to "MAN UP" and face my music. All I wanted from RAMP-LLC was to stand by their product and credit policy. In fact, I was willing to work with them to hopefully perfect this lead generation concept.

I am not angry with Adam Ross, Stephanie Boyd, or Ron Stevens. I am just disappointed. They took a very viable lead generation concept and tainted it. I speak for myself in saying that I would have paid 10 times as much as they charged for qualified leads. I hope this helps the next person contemplating using RAMP-LLC as a lead source.

Nextorch Flashlights see

This cheap tactical flashlights company tries to bill itself as a US company but is actually a Chinese company that has sold dangerous products and batteries that were recalled by US Consumer Product safety Commission.
What they do not tell you is that they send mass SPAM Email. Sending spam is not the way to win friends and influence people. Reputable companies do not send SPAM



 Elliott Stares Public relations PR company

This company claims to be a legitimate public relations PR company.
What they do not tell you is that they send mass SPAM Email ruining your company reputation. Sending spam is not the way to win friends and influence people. Don't be a victim as your business reputation is important. Being forced to opt out of a mechanically harvested Email list is plain wrong. Reputable companies do not send SPAM


Z Networks Group

This company claims to be a legitimate SEO search engine optimization and web design company.
What they do not tell you is that they send mass SPAM Email ruining your company reputation. Fake reviews and sending spam is not the way to win friends and influence people.Don't be a victim as your business reputation is important.


Some Electronics Shops

There are many fine electronics shops  in Miami Beach selling camera and computers. However the high number of complaints against many others as made to the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce makes it hard to separate the good guys from the bad ones. That is why we suggest and only suggest that you use either of the
Radio Shack outlets, Cartridge World or the new Office Depot  for your high end computer, camera, printers, electronics needs unless you really know what you are doing. Trust Us! We live here!


Steve Schwanger of

It has come to my attention that a company called is run by a guy that does not use his real name. Steve Schwanger who is really Steven Olswanger.

Steven Swanger AKA Steven Olswanger, solicits by sending SPAM or SPAMMING web forms to try to get you to buy a sponsorship on his site by insinuating a veiled affiliation with another entity  e.g.
(Your ad will appear on WSVN or Sun Sentinel etc.)

This guy, Steven Swanger, real name Steven Olschwanger,
Who my online research suggests may be someone you would not like to do business with.

The deal in my opinion works like this... Swanger buys Google PPC ads and Google allows the buyer to place them on certain  web sites you pick as well as geo target etc from Google ad words. You can do this.

He re-sells this as a subscription deal sponsorship on his own site implying in a roundabout way, some sort of affiliation with an entity (Last time it was Channel 7 now it is Sun Sentinel) and runs your ad or his ad for his site there for a couple of clicks by setting a low Google budget and pockets the rest. Your hard earned dollars may buy you 1 click if you are lucky.

  • The mere fact that he does not use his real name is a tip off in my opinion.

  • No legal entity or real world contact info is on that site.

  • Uses PayPal for Payment.

    There are a few reputable PPC management companies but many are rip offs.
    This in the opinion of this writer, is a total waste of your money.
    Reputable companies do not send SPAM or SPAM web forms to sell advertising.

    Never buy any Internet advertising where you cannot see actual clicks and control them to the greatest extent allowed.

    Stay away from this creep no matter what is my personal advise and opinion.
    M Johnson 3/16/2011


State Farm Insurance

Tried for yet another premium increase over 40% after being denied an over 60% in 2008.
All that just before they leave the State of Florida for storm coverage. Instead of providing the service they are supposed to provide they just seem to want to give good folks a hard time. It is my opinion you should not use State Farm for auto insurance, storm insurance, or any kind of insurance coverage. -Mark Johnson

See more State Farm Horror stories at:
And especially...

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